• The Makeup and Beauty Studio
    "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work"

Edinburgh's Make-up, Beauty and Hot Wax Specialists

The Makeup and Beauty Studio is a space where multiple businesses have come together under one roof to offer their clients different, yet complimentary services. The businesses that are based at the studio are each headed up by self-employed, talented ladies, who set their own hours, prices, and work practices... each one striving to be the best in their respective fields.

Services offered at the studio include:

  • Permanent Makeup by Christine Alison of On Point Permanent Cosmetics
  • Laser Tattoo Removal by Brooke MacKay of Alchemy Laser
  • Makeup and hairstyling by Emma Motion of Emma Motion Makeup
  • Hairdressing and makeup by Victoria Mallon of VM Hair and Makeup
  • Waxing, Massage and Beauty by Bronagh Wignall, Alison Carswell and Yolanda Tsang